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Tattoo Ideas

Have a rough idea and want some inspiration?

We spend a lot of time looking at tattoos. Some would say too much time.

Scroll through some of the most talented tattoo artists worldwide and get inspired.

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Custom Tattoo Design

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It might be rude (but not entirely incorrect) to say that we’re obsessed with ink.


female elbow tattoo
55 Elbow Tattoos For Females

These women’s elbow tattoo designs not only give a great look but they’re a great combin…

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25 Twin Flame Tattoo Designs

I love these twin flame tattoos. Whether you’re on this intense journey yourself and want some…

333 tattoo
Fifty-Seven 333 Tattoo Designs

Number patterns like these 333 tattoo designs are becoming more common, but their meanings can be de…

999 tattoo
Sixty 999 Tattoo Designs

Different people may have different interpretations of the 999 tattoo. Juice Wrld, a well-known rap …

feminine cross tattoo
52 Feminine Classy Cross Tattoos

A feminine and classy cross tattoo can be a powerful symbol of faith, love and hope. They can serve …

womens knee tattoo
54 Knee Tattoos For Females

Knee tattoos can be feminine, sexy and they’re easy to show when you want and hide when you do…

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